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Welcome to Spirit World Flutes.  My name is Lee, and I create all of the high quality Native American style flutes and spirit energy rattles that you see on my website.  I use the guidance and support of spirit to aid me in the creation of these flutes and rattles.  I craft the flutes and rattles for playing and listening enjoyment, sound healing, spiritual growth, and to enhance our connection to the spirit world.


My goal is to make the best Native American style flute possible!  Each flute is unique, and is the result of my creative process—letting the materials and spirits guide me.  I use wood that I hand select for its sound quality and beauty, and craft each instrument using a combination of hand and power tools.  During the process, I often include stones and or sterling silver.  I individually select the stones for their metaphysical,  and spiritual healing properties.  I like to use sterling silver for its connection to the universe and its ability to increase psychic awareness and intuitive abilities. 

My unique rattles are designed to transmit energy, with a clear vibrant resonating sound.  It is possible to produce different sounds based on how they are played!  I make my rattles with elk or cow rawhide and hand bent reclaimed ash wood frames, I utilize natural stone beads and sterling silver elements or stone elements for their metaphysical and spiritual healing properties. Finally, I finish the rattles with a natural-based finish to seal and protect the rawhide and wood, and to resist moisture.


I craft "woodlands style" six hole minor chromatic scale or pentatonic scale tuned mid-range flutes for the soothing sound and the players ability  to easily reach the finger holes.  During the tuning process, I use an electronic tuner to ensure they are tuned to the correct key and have a great sound.  I tune my flutes in either 440hz. and 432hz. 440hz. tuning is great for playing with other musicians and backing tracks, and 432hz. tuning produces a mellower sound that can be associated with meditation, sound healing, and music therapy to name a few.  After I have finished tuning the flute, I finish it with multiple coats of a non-toxic tung oil finish that I blend myself.  I then buff the finish with an all natural wax that I make to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, and to help protect the wood from moisture.  When I have finished crafting the flute, I smudge each one with the smoke from sage and sweet-grass to cleanse and purify the instrument for the new owner.

The Native American flute made by indigenous people of North America has a long and fascinating history, and I encourage you to research the history and use of this amazing musical instrument.  I do not claim to be of Native American heritage, and my flutes are only inspired by flutes created by Native Americans.


If there are specific keys, tuning, design, and materials that speak to you, I am happy to work with you to address your needs.

My desire is to produce flutes and rattles that bring a relaxing peaceful sound and a greater spiritual connection to the player, the world, and the universe of which we are all a part.

Crafting Native American style flutes on wood lathe.
Smudging with sage and sweet grass for purification
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